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We Do

Families struggling to pay rent, utilities, and grocery bills often can’t afford the basics their children need every day. At Stepping Stone, we help fill this critical yet overlooked need. To build an inventory of essentials for families, Stepping Stone relies on the donation of new and nearly new items through individual giving and grassroots community drives. We sort, clean, and bundle items, and then our team of volunteers delivers them to parents, caregivers, and children.



When used, high-demand necessities are scarce – for instance, strollers and pack ‘n plays – we purchase them, thanks to financial support from the community and grant funding. To identify children and families in need, we work with a network of local agencies, shelters, hospitals, and nonprofits. Partnering with each other to address needs of the whole child, these organizations perform a wide variety of services, including mental health counseling, early education intervention, at-home wellness visits, and refugee relocation aid. Through this collaborative effort, we can make sure children have access to daily essentials, from diapers and car seats to coats and shoes.

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